Hall of Mirrors is a Comenius project which aims to dispel the prejudice and stereotypical imagery which young people have of each other and to make them better European citizens. We aim to spread the project throughout the curriculum by encouraging them to think about how they see each other and where these images have come from. Through this exchange of ideas and self-reflection, we have come up with the title Hall of Mirrors as this best reflects the essence of the project. Students will be able to present this imagery through a range of media: poetry, song, articles, dance, music, art, technology, design and movement. They will then be able to spread their views among their peers and the wider community. Through their input, they will influence the outcome of the project. How do we see ourselves? Is this how others see us? Why do we look at each other in different ways? The title came from the distorted images we see in fairground images. Our students will be communicating via an e-twinning platform about these topics with the others partner schools.